Australian Ambassador for Gender Equality Visits INKLUSI in South Sulawesi

Posted on December 4, 2023 by Admin

Stephanie Copus Campbell, the Australian Ambassador for Gender Equality received a warm welcome to a remote island in South Sulawesi by INKLUSI civil society Partners on November 23, 2023.

This visit marks a significant moment for partners of the Australia-Indonesia Partnership Towards an Inclusive Society program in South Sulawesi. KAPAL Perempuan and the Foundation for Community Empowerment (YKPM) shared success stories in promoting gender equality through women’s leadership to enhance the access of women and marginalised groups to basic services, protection from violence, and prevention of child marriage.

In South Sulawesi, INKLUSI supports KAPAL Perempuan and YKPM in 13 villages in Pangkep Regency. These program villages are challenging to reach as they are situated in remote islands and mountainous areas, characterised by high poverty levels contributing to the elevated rates of child marriage in Pangkep.

“KAPAL Perempuan and YKPM established the informal Women’s School, Complaints Posts, and Sipurennu community radio to raise awareness about issues impacting women and other concerns in the community, and to facilitate access to basic services,” expressed Misiyah, Chair of the Executive Board of KAPAL Perempuan. Community members have expressed concerns about the impact of child marriage, the prevention and handling of violence against women, especially sexual violence, and how to obtain legal identity documentation for poor women, people with disabilities, and other marginalised groups living in remote areas.

During her visit to Sabutung Island, Stephanie Copus Campbell observed the activities of the Women’s School, Sipurennu Radio, and the Complaints Post. When visiting the Complaints Post, members of the Women’s School explained its functions as an information center and education hub, acting like a bridge for marginalised women to seek solutions for legal identity issues, access to social protection programs, and as a referral space for victims of violence or child marriage. Currently, there are a total of 725 members of the Women’s School in Pangkep Regency.

The activities of KAPAL Perempuan and YKPM are also supported by the Pangkep Regency Government. The local government facilitates the participation of women and other marginalised groups in the planning and budgeting processes, including village, sub-district, and district development deliberations. Additionally, KAPAL Perempuan and YKPM collaborate in the socialisation of the Sexual Violence Criminal Law (TPKS Law) to communities and law enforcement officials. They provide technical guidance to village officials related to the TPKS law, fostering cooperation that supports protection against violence.

With concrete steps in the 13 villages of Pangkep, KAPAL Perempuan and YKPM are committed to continue advocating for the rights of poor women, people with disabilities, and other marginalised groups, as well as promoting collaboration towards an inclusive society.

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