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The Australia-Indonesia Partnership Towards an Inclusive Society, or INKLUSI, is working to increase the participation of marginalised groups in, and their benefit from, Indonesia’s sociocultural, economic, and political development.


INKLUSI works with government and civil society partners to advance their work in gender equality, the rights of persons with disabilities, and social inclusion. INKLUSI supports the Government of Indonesia’s agenda for inclusion, including through national development plans and the Sustainable Development Goals.


With our partners, we are working to advance initiatives directed at gender equality, disability inclusion, and broader policy focused on social inclusion.


Where appropriate, INKLUSI coordinates its efforts with other Australian programs, including the Australia Indonesia Partnership – Sinergi dan Kolaborasi untuk Akselerasi Layanan Dasar (SKALA) program, the Australia Indonesia Partnership for Justice 2 and the Poverty Alleviation and Comprehensive, Inclusive and Adaptive Social Protection (PROAKTIF) program.


Our Vision

More marginalised people participate in and benefit from Indonesia’s sociocultural, economic, and political development.

Our Mission

More marginalised people have protection from violence and can fully realise their right to basic services through:

Removed barriers to obtaining legal identity so that marginalised people can access the Indonesian Government’s social protection programs. Improved access to social protection and basic services, including reproductive health and basic education. Protection from all forms of violence against marginalised people, including women and children, through prevention activities, protection and response activities. Elimination of child marriage through improved regulations, guidelines and public education on child marriage law.

More marginalised people can benefit from fair, safe and productive employment and livelihoods, and Indonesia’s economic recovery and resilience through:

Economic recovery and resilience for micro and small enterprises owned by marginalised people. Improving access to fair and safe employment to support the economic recovery of marginalised people.

More marginalised people are actively participating in society and have equal opportunity to contribute to decision-making through:

Community participation by marginalised people, including in government decision-making processes. This can include leadership development, community education, strengthening women coalitions/movements and their networks, promoting the participation of marginalised people in national and subnational planning, budgeting and program implementation.

Leadership and Governance

Strategic oversight for INKLUSI is provided through a partnership between the Government of Indonesia, the Government of Australia, and civil society partners, supported by the INKLUSI Secretariat. All partners, including the Government of Indonesia, and the Government of Australia, share a commitment to greater gender equality, disability, and social inclusion.

Reaching Marginalised Communities Across Indonesia

32 Provinces
129 Districts / Cities
650 Villages

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