Pusat Rehabilitasi (PR) YAKKUM

Pusat Rehabilitasi YAKKUM Logo

PR YAKKUM is a faith-based organisation focused on disability inclusion and empowerment of marginalised communities/groups in disadvantaged regions. Through INKLUSI, PR YAKKUM works to ensure the fulfillment of the rights of persons with psychosocial disabilities, including promote participation of persons with psychosocial disabilities in the development and empower the society to carry out community-based social […]


Lakpesdam PBNU Logo

LAKPESDAM is an institution that works to empower the resources of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) citizens specifically and community members in general. The goal of the LAKPESDAM is to create an inclusive and gender-equitable environment through the reformation of public services. The program through INKLUSI will focus on supporting the National Strategy for Child Marriage Prevention, […]

PERMAMPU – Konsorsium Perempuan Sumatera MAMPU


PERMAMPU is a consortium of 8 CSOs focused on women’s empowerment through promotion of women leadership at the grassroots and women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. Through INKLUSI Program, PERMAMPU Consortium will focus on advocacy to eliminate child marriage and influence socio-culture norms that impede women’s rights and other marginalised groups to access basic […]

Sasana Inclusion and the Indonesian Disability Advocacy Movement (SIGAB Indonesia)


SIGAB is an Organisation of People with Disabilities (OPD) that support the rights of people with disabilities and works towards an inclusive and equal society in Indonesia through structural and cultural approaches. Their activities include campaigns and socialisations, policy advocacy, and collective action. Through the INKLUSI Program, SIGAB implements the Strengthening Social Inclusion for Disability […]

PKBI – Indonesian Family Planning Association


PKBI aims to support inclusive Indonesian families and communities through supporting the fulfillment of sexual and reproductive health of marginalised groups, building an inclusive youth movement, and community empowerment. Through INKLUSI, PKBI supports the rights of children in conflict with law, and other marginalised groups to access basic services, including social protection, public health services, […]

PEKKA – Foundation for the Women-Headed Family Empowerment

Pekka Logo

PEKKA is a CSO focused on empowering women-headed households in socio-cultural and economic aspects of development. In the INKLUSI Program, PEKKA focused on empowering women-headed households and other marginalised groups to access basic services, including legal identity, social protection, and assistance for economic/livelihoods.

Migrant CARE


Migrant CARE is a CSO focused on advocacy, support, and empower migrant workers and families of migrant workers. The organisation’s activities include counselling, consultation, advocacy, research, and education, and aim towards empowerment for migrant workers. Through the grant under INKLUSI, Migrant Care focused on supporting Indonesian former female migrant workers and other marginalised groups to […]

KAPAL Perempuan – Institute for Women’s Alternative Education

KAPAL Perempuan Logo

KAPAL Perempuan was established to promote women’s leadership and works to empower and support women, especially women in poverty and marginalised communities, and ensure their needs are considered in development plans. Their programs all align with the organisation’s mandate to strengthen women’s leadership through the pluralism and feminism perspectives. Through INKLUSI, KAPAL Perempuan works with […]